How To Fluff Up Dried Pampas Grass

How To Fluff Up Dried Pampas Grass

Want to know how to fluff up dried pampas grass? Here we shared our favorite tips.

It’s very important to fluff up your dried pampas grass when you take it out of the packaging.

Many people skip this step and never get to see the real beauty of the fluffy pampas. 

Follow these steps to make your pampas grass nice and fluffy:

Step 1: Shake each stem carefully to remove excessive fur and help the plumes open.

Step 2: Separate the fur with your fingers opening it up.

Note: The stems will shed a little while you are doing this so it's recommended to cover the floor with the paper or do it outside. But don’t worry, once the stems are in the vase, they will not shed.

Step 3: Leave the stems in the vase for 24-48 hrs and let the gravity do the work - your pampas will get back to their natural form and will become even fluffier over time.

* Don't water it, put it in a vase without water.

Extra tip:

If it's a sunny day place the stems outside on the sun and see them fluff up instantly on the breeze. Be careful! The stems are fragile, don’t let the wind break the stems. 

Undisturbed, in a dry place away from direct sunlight, pampas grass will last as a lovely home decor for several years.

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