About Us

For Love Of Pampas is an earth influenced, natural homewares and dried florals brand based in Florida, USA. It was launched in 2019 in New York by husband and wife Misha and Marina Bezgin, to share their passion for minimalistic home decor and dried floral arrangements. By 2021 For Love Of Pampas moved south to achieve the expansion of its plans.

Pampas grass is the plant that the business started with. It was once popular decades ago, being seen in elegant and opulent interiors as an element of abundance and creativity. For their brand Misha and Marina wanted to revive this trend as, despite being a part of the grass family, the floral softness and ivory coloring of pampas instantly created a dreaminess that captivated their hearts. It is natural and minimalistic, yet can add a new dimension to a space without overwhelming it. 

A message from Misha and Marina...

“Our vision is about finding unique artisans and home pieces all over the world.”

In 2019, having realised our passions, we put our energies into developing a business that could allow us to share our love of natural home decor and interest in creating minimalistic plant arrangements with others. Once we knew the natural grasses and florals we wanted to work with, our journey continued to find pieces for the home that weren’t made by large factories focused on mass production. Rather, ones that crafted by local makers with all their hearts.

After finding our circle of passionate team members, local and international artisans across Europe, Australia and here in the US, For Love of Pampas was born.  

We are so proud to do what we do and hope to connect you with natural, simple pieces that bring soul to your space.