How To Care For Dried Florals

How To Care For Dried Florals

You’ve received your order, but not sure what to do to care for your pieces? We have this taken care of!

Here's how to love your dried arrangement:

1. Unwrap your dried arrangement

2. The stems may be flattened slightly after being in the packaging. Shake them gently to fluff up the plumes. Minor shedding may be expected. But don’t worry, once you place it in a vase it will not shed.

3. Place them in the vase without water. After 24 hrs the stems will return to their natural form and fluffiness.

4. We recommend keeping the bouquet tied to sustain the shape we have created for you. Untying of the bouquet may lead to some of the shorter grasses to fall off.

5. Keep your dried florals away from direct sunlight and humidity. 

 6. Enjoy them for a year or more!

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