How To Prevent Dried Pampas Grass From Shedding?

How To Prevent Dried Pampas Grass From Shedding?

You must have heard that pampas grass sheds and now you want to know the truth - does pampas grass really shed a lot?

The good news is, pampas grass only sheds when you shake it or move it around. Once the stems are in a vase they will not shed. 

We always recommend to take the following steps to enjoy your new dried plant:

1. Shake each stem carefully to get rid of excessive fur after the shipment (they will shed while you are doing that. It's recommended to cover the surface with some paper or do it outside to prevent mess).

2. Put the stems in a vase and let them fluff up naturally. After a couple of days, the plumes will open up even more.

Being in a vase undisturbed your stems are not supposed to shed at all.

Now, some customers ask us: Should I be using hair spray to keep pampas grass from shedding?

Our personal opinion - we don’t recommend it. Hairspray will make the fur stiff and will take away the natural fluffiness.

However, If you are still tempted to give hair spray a try we recommend you to use a very little amount on the stems after they have been in a vase for a couple of days and fully fluffed up. Please, be sure to try on a small piece first to see If you like the results.

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