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For Love Of Pampas

XL Pampas Grass - Beige (Set of 3)

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Carefully selected extra fluffy golden beige pampas stems will add a touch of warmth and elegance to the interior.

For an impeccable presentation, we recommend displaying these XL pampas grass stems in our Jug vase (sold separately). This vase complements the stems' beauty while creatong a mesmerizing and eye-catching showcase.

Approx. length: 45”

Color: Leght Beige

Included: 3 stems (The vase is sold separately)

* As a natural plant, each stem will be uniquely beautiful and might differ slightly from the pictures in fluffiness and color tone. 

* Pampas might shed when you shake them or move them around. Once they are in the vase, they will be fine. 


Probably forever (if you keep them away from direct sunlight and high humidity).


• The photos on this website are exemplary and represent the overall aesthetic and theme of the arrangement. Due to the nature of flowers, slight variations in color, size, and fluffiness may be expected. We always make sure you'll receive a beautiful arrangement!

• Shedding. Dried florals may shed when you shake them or move them around. Once in the vase they will not shed.

• Smell. Dried florals may possess a natural scent due to the characteristics of the plant and preservation process that usually goes away within some time. We do not accept returns due to the scent. It's recommended to air out the bouquet for several days, and room fragrance can be used on the flowers to eliminate the scent.


· Keep your dried florals away from direct sunlight and high humidity.
· Shake stems slightly before placing in the vase to help them open up.
· No watering required.

Shipping & Returns

Fast shipping from Florida. Processing time 1-2 business days.

As our flowers are natural and handpicked to order, we do not accept returns. Please, contact us If you have any questions regarding your order. We are always here to assist you.