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Purpleheart Matchbox Short

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Glaze Purpleheart matchbox radiates a completely natural hue, and is truly a statement piece for the home. This exotic lumber is native to the rainforests of Brazil, and is prized for its uniquely pigmented heartwood.


· Matches included

· Handmade in USA

· Wood grain varies per matchbox

· 3” x 2.5” x 1.125”

· 2 oz


Probably forever (if you keep them away from direct sunlight and high humidity).


Each bouquet is made-to-order therefore slight variances in color, shape and fluffiness may occur. Dried florals may shed when you shake them or move them around. Once in the vase they will not shed.


· Keep your dried florals away from direct sunlight and high humidity.
· Shake stems slightly before placing in the vase to help them open up.
· No watering required.

Shipping & Returns

Fast shipping from Florida. Processing time 1-2 business days. Delivered with UPS Ground.

As our flowers are natural and handpicked to order, we do not accept returns. Please, contact us If you have any questions regarding your order. We are always here to assist you.