Summer Table Decor Guide with Dried Flowers (That Aren't Pampas Grass)

Summer Table Decor Guide with Dried Flowers (That Aren't Pampas Grass)

The arrival of summer means time outside! It's the perfect time to get together for friendly picnics, family gatherings, and weddings. We have picked beautiful dried floral centerpieces to help you decorate the tables for your special occasions. 

Adding Color with Small Yellow Bouquets

Small Yellow Bouquet in a low amber-colored glass vase is perfect for areas where a shorter arrangement is preferred. This vibrant arrangement features a bright mix of yellow and green eucalyptus, golden grass, yellow rice flower, light pink scabiosa, wheat, and more. Pair it with our Beige and Pink Centerpieces for a complete and harmonious tablescape.

Styling Tips:

- Ideal for summer table settings.
- Perfect for adding a pop of color to table decor.
- Mix & match with the Beige and Pink Centerpieces for a layered and textured look.

Keeping It Elegant with Beige Centerpieces 

These beautiful dried bouquets presented in elegant amber bud vases are perfect for wedding tables and intimate dinners. Composed with neutral dried florals such as roses, oats, nigella, lino vlas, limonium, and rabbit tails, they will create a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. Arrange a set of 4 vases on the table for a complete table decor. 

Styling Tips:

- Use as a set of 4 to create a complete look.
- Ideal for formal dinners or weddings.
- Pair with white or cream linens for a timeless aesthetic.

Getting Romantic with Pink Centerpieces

Transform your summer tablescapes into romantic settings with the Pink Centerpieces. These elegant arrangements feature a beautiful mix of pink-hued dried florals in clear bud vases. These centerpieces are designed to infuse charm and romance into your decor.

Styling Tips:

- Perfect for adding a romantic touch to your evening.
- Suitable for bridal showers or summer garden parties.
- Combine with pastel linens for a charming look.

How to Throw a Stunning Summer Dinner Party

1. Start with a Theme: Choose a color palette that inspires you. Our yellow, beige, and pink arrangements can be a good foundation for a variety of themes.

2. Layer Your Decor: Mix different heights and styles of vases and centerpieces to create depth and interest. Use the Small Yellow Bouquet as a focal point and surround it with Beige and Pink Centerpieces for a stylish look.

3. Add Natural Elements: Enhance your tablescape with natural elements such as fresh fruit, leafy greens, or wood accents to complement the dried florals. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

4. Choose the Right Linens: Opt for linens in neutral tones to complement the dried flower centerpieces highlighting the natural beauty of the floral arrangements without overpowering them. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

5. Add Personal Touches: placing name cards, pieces of dried flowers, or fruits on the guests' plates will create a distinctive detail for your summer party. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Summer gatherings are a great way to expand your imagination, fill your summer with memories and connect with your loved ones. We hope our tips will inspire you to decorate and celebrate! 

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