How We Pick Our Flowers

How We Pick Our Flowers

At For Love Of Pampas, we take great pride in our approach to choosing dried flowers. Our floral selection process is guided by a deep commitment to high quality standards, respect for nature and sustainability. 

Selecting Our Partners 

Our process begins with choosing the right partners who share our vision. Over the years we have built partnerships with trusted farmers known for their sustainable farming practices and exceptional quality.

Sustainable Logistics

We work with dried and preserved flowers, which allows us to take advantage of shipping methods that have a reduced environmental impact. Unlike fresh flowers that often require air freight, our dried and preserved flowers are shipped via sea, significantly lowering carbon emissions.

Quality Selection

We meticulously select each stem to ensure that it meets our stringent standards for beauty and durability before it becomes part of our exclusive bouquets. This careful selection ensures that each arrangement not only looks like its picture but also lasts, maintaining its beauty over time.

No-Waste Philosophy 

Our commitment to a no-waste philosophy means that any unused flower pieces are thoughtfully repurposed into smaller arrangements or DIY kits. This careful and sustainable approach guarantees that each flower will be used and not wasted. 

At For Love Of Pampas, we believe that our meticulous approach to selecting flowers brings to life not just a product, but a piece of natural beauty. This method supports our mission to bring the transformative power of home decor through long-lasting arrangements to spark creativity and inspiration!

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