How To Choose Your Long-Lasting Bouquet

How To Choose Your Long-Lasting Bouquet

Dried and preserved flower bouquets can become a long-lasting home decor and create a calming and grounding effect, perfect for modern, minimalist, or rustic interiors. When choosing an arrangement, think about these important factors:


The size of the bouquet should be appropriate for where you plan to place it. A medium size bouquet might be suitable for a centerpiece on a dining table, a mantle, or a side table, while larger arrangements could be placed on the floor, kitchen island or entryway table for a more statement look.

Vase Type

It’s essential to match the bouquet with a vase that complements its size. For instance, medium-sized bouquets might sink in a vase that’s too large, diminishing their aesthetics. Dried flowers typically have more delicate and lighter stems compared to fresh flowers, therefore, a vase with a narrower neck can help to support and showcase the delicate stems better than a wide-open one, preventing the bouquet from spreading out too thinly or sinking. 

For the best fit, either consult a recommended vase type specific to the bouquet or discuss with a florist to determine the most suitable option.


Choose colors that complement the existing decor in your room. Dried flowers offer a range of hues from soft, natural tones to more vibrant colors. Think about whether you want your bouquet to stand out as a focal point or blend harmoniously with your surroundings.

DIY vs. Pre-Made Bouquets

DIY Arrangements: For those who love a creative challenge, purchasing individual dried flowers to make your own arrangements can be a fun and rewarding project that sparks your creativity, allowing you to experiment with different styles and compositions.

Pre-Made Bouquets: Exquisite bouquets assembled by skillful florists is a more convenient and elegant option If you are looking for a statement piece for your home, a memorable gift for a friend, or decorating your wedding or event. The unique feature of dried florals is that they are very delicate and a professional floral designer can create a truly unique piece that will become a part of your home decor for over a year. 

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