Can I buy bunny tails/pampas grass in advance and store them until my – For Love Of Pampas

Can I buy bunny tails/pampas grass in advance and store them until my wedding for several month?

One of the most popular questions our clients ask us - Is it okay to order bunny tails, pampas grass or other dried grasses in advance for their wedding and store them for several month? Will they be okay?

The answer is “Yes, you can definitely purchase pampas grass and other dried florals in advance and store them”.

The great thing about pampas grass, bunny tails and our other grasses is that they have been dried to preserve their freshness for years. It’s totally fine to keep them in the packaging (wrapped in paper or plastic) until your big day. The most importantly is to keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight in a place where it will not be bent or damaged. 

On the big day, unwrap the stems, shake each one gently to fluff up the plumes or open up the branches and place them into the vase or however you intend to use them. After a couple of hours the grasses will come back to their natural form and will look their best as your perfect wedding decoration. 

After the wedding you will be able to keep the stems as home decor that will last for years and remind you of your special day. 

DIY wedding decor has become widely popular with more and more people choosing to make their own arrangements rather than hiring a professional florist. The longevity of dried florals allows to plan ahead and order your grasses in advance and store them in a dry place until your wedding day which makes them an ideal dried floral material for decoration.