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BOTTLE | M | 3D-Print Vase | White

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BOTTLE 3D-Print Minimalist Vase made in Germany

Dimensions: 7.87"h x 3.94''d
Color: White

Eco-friendly and sustainable. This vase is made from biodegradable plastic, without any water consumption and reduced light and carbon emission. 

These vases can be used with both fresh and dried flowers thanks to a water container inside each vase.  

About the brand:
dennismaass. is a design studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. Fine details, materials from renewable resources, almost limitless design freedom, all these characterizes the brand's products. The designs are made on 3D printers from sustainable materials, mainly starch and plant-based plastics. Plus, for every kilogram of printing filament consumed a tree is planted to offset the resource use in the process. All the brand's efforts go into stunning yet simple designs that are suitable for your minimalist interiors.

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